Earth Systems

For ProjectEd’s Earth Systems video contest, I entered a minute and a half long video describing the four spheres of the Earth. I used a mixture of animation made in AfterEffects and cinematography to communicate scientific information to a broad audience.

Start Game?

In my Elements of Narrative class, we had to create a seven second film that depicted the master plot of rivalry. I depicted a classic rivarly of skateboard versus bike, and framed the competition as a video game.

Bride or Benefits

As a parody of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, I wrote and produced a video depicting a contemporary version of Elizabeth Bennet searching for the love through a dating app.


For the short film Delivery, I was hired as the director of photography and the first assistant editor. I was responsible for creating overheads, shot lists, storyboards, and shooting scripts, as well as creating the rough cuts.

Why Was Six Afraid of Seven?

This short animation created in Maya answers the age-old question: “Why was six afraid of seven?”

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