Web Design

NMIX 2020: Introduction to New Media

Utopia: Social Media of the Future

Throughout the semester, our Introduction to New Media class learned about different varieties of technologies in our lives today. For our final project, our group had to choose one of these topics and imagine what it would be like in Utopian 2037 - 20 years from now. Our topic was social media, and to present our ideas, we had to create a table presentation as well as an online artifact. I was in charge of creating a website that looked to the positive future of social media. I utilized Bootstrap to create a one webpage essay with material my group members and I wrote up.

NMIX 4110: New Media Production

HTML/CSS Website

The first assignment in our New Media Production class was to create a website using just HTML and CSS. Because I am a digital artist, I wanted to make my first website a portfolio for my art. Naturally, the main feature of my website was my illustrations, but I wanted a clean way to show them. As a solution, I used a CSS-only lightbox so viewers can click on a thumbnail and view a larger version of my picture. Because we had to update our website to be more user friendly, this site code and design are no longer active, but rather now is the site you are viewing now.

Javascript Jukebox

To learn how to program using Javascript and jQuery, our class had to create a jukebox. For this project, I made my media player look like a classic iPod, and I tried to create a similar user interface for the screen and player itself. I featured four albums with three songs from each and had the song title and some lyrics appear in the background to add an interesting design.

Bootstrap Website

For my final project, I wanted to create an online interactive resume and portfolio. This is an updated version of my original HTML/CSS website, and it showcases my skills, education, and work experience in addition to the different creative disciplines I have been involved in.

NMIX 4111: New Media Design

Tools & Theory

Within a group of four students, we selected one example of a bad website and redesigned it. We explained what bad design choices were made and how it could be improved upon without completely changing the brand. We also looked at an example of good design and why it worked and presented the two examples in class.


Before this class, I was guilty of using the automatic settings on my Nikon D3200. During NMIX 4111, I learned how to use the exposure triangle to my advantage to take better quality photos. Even after this final project, I became more interested in photography and continued to take photos to add to my skill. You can see the photos I have taken on my VSCO.


For our typography unit, I learned how to create my own font using the Sketch plugin FontRapid. Using my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, I handwrote letters, numbers, and symbols and exported it as a .png file. I vectorized my writing and used Sketch to create my font. You can download my font here.

Final Project

For our NMIX 4111 final project, I worked in a group of three to create a mock product. Our application is called Bookshelf, and it is a interactive ebook reader that provides games and activites for children grades K-12. We came up with three personsas to sell to, storyboards for product usage, a brand style guide, a website, and a prototype application. I was responsible for making the brand style guide and website, which can be find here.

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