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A Million Things

This forty-six page children’s storybook was created in dedication to one of my best friends heading off to college who did not know who he was. I illustrated each page with allusions towards special memories we had together and provide him with support for his future.


For a narrative elements class, we had to take a story archetype, in this case metamorphasis, and create our own interpretation of the theme. My team chose create a comic book that centered on a tadpole named Polli that grows up a little slowly. I was responsible for illustrating and writing this 12 page comic, while my other team members analyzed the comic in how it connected with the archetype.

The Dating Challenge

The Dating Challenge is a six episode web-series where a controlling ex-girlfriend, Blair, creates a fake dating service in an attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend. She secretly sets up her ex on terrible dates in order to let him realize how great she was to him. I wrote the third and fourth episodes where Blair is scoping out possible people for her ex to go on a blind date with.

What's Cookin'?

As a rewriter for a student film production, I rewrote the original storyline for this minute and a half short film. In it, a college student named Matt forgets his girlfriend’s birthday and attempts to make her a nice home-cooked meal.

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